Buhari Is Not Preparing For Election, He’s Only Interested In Rigging – PDP

Buhari Is Not Preparing For Election, He’s Only Interested In Rigging – PDP

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Buhari Is Not Preparing For Election, He’s Only Interested In Rigging – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party has again called out President Buhari
saying the fact that he has failed to constitute his campaign council or
develop a clear-cut campaign blueprint, 61 days to the February
Presidential election, is an indication that he is not preparing to
stand elections.

The party said ‘Mr. President and his party, the All Progressives
Congress (APC) have failed to set up a campaign structure because they
are banking on their plots with the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC), under Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, to manipulate the
electoral process and rig for them’.

It is clear that President Buhari has been overwhelmed over his
rejection by a vast majority of Nigerians, who are bearing the brunt of
his incompetent and corrupt administration; that is why he cannot
articulate any campaign message after the failed launch of his copied
and widely spurned “Next Level” mantra. All over the world, patriotic
and obligated leaders, who are seeking (re-) elections, go to the
electorate to canvass for votes with their messages and solutions.

But our President and the APC have been busy procuring phony
endorsements, harassing and intimidating opposition leaders,
compromising the electoral body to create illegal voting centers,
delaying election budgets and holding the process to ransom by refusing
to sign amendments to the Electoral Act that eliminate avenues for

President Buhari, who is already reputed to have wrecked our once
robust economy, crippled our critical sectors, entrenched corruption at
the high places, and whose administration has dangerously divided our
nation with escalated violence and daily bloodletting, is seeking
re-election with no solution to offer on any critical sector of our
economy. Mr. President has nothing to offer on security; he has no
message on education, agriculture, health, energy, power, employment,
manufacturing and other key sectors, which he wrecked in the last three
and half years.

Instead of seeking ways to make amends, President Buhari, ostensibly
out of frustration over his rejection and imminent electoral defeat in
2019, has arrogantly told Nigerians to be ready to face more suffering
and hardship in the remaining part of his tenure.

On our own part, our party and Presidential candidate, Atiku
Abubakar, are working hard, campaigning across the country and offering
solutions, for which we have continued to receive overwhelming support
from majority of Nigerians, ahead of the 2019 general elections.

It is instructive for President Buhari and APC to note that they
cannot have their way, as Nigerians are determined in their resolve to
resist any attempt by the APC to rig in this election.

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